Hugo theme for software website

Simple and modern design for publishing blog posts, documentation and many more things for your project. You can now clone and start to create a new website.


Need a website for your software project?

This theme is for you!

It works on Hugo, a very fast static website generator. Host your generated site anywhere like Github pages, aerobatic, netlify or any other hosting of your choice.

Easy to install and write

Hugo is written in Go, a compiled language. You don’t need dependencies on Python or Ruby to get started.

Write your content in Markdown, an easy mark-up language.

Integrated search

This theme integrate a search engine out of the box. No action is needed from your part.

Publish with git

Many static web hosting services allow you to set a hook on you online git repository (Github, Bitbucket, Gitlab etc.). Just push your changes and your site will be automatically built and published online!